AveForchetta - Italian Neo-Bistro, opened at the end of last year following a €1.1 million investment in a space on the ground floor of the Tandem office building developed by Forte Partners, completes the project's tenant mix and has become, in just a few months of operation, a popular gastronomic destination both among tourists visiting Bucharest and for city dwellers who choose a modern, urban lifestyle.



AveForchetta is a special tenant, turning the Tandem building into a social hub, a place where you can forget about emails and meetings for a while and where you can have lunch and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day or relax for an Italian-style dinner in the evening. We chose AveForchetta - Italian Neo-Bistro to complement the hospitality component of Tandem Building because this concept fits perfectly with our strategy of offering employees working in the buildings we develop and manage, as well as the local community, a range of social and leisure facilities that are characteristic of a modern, urban lifestyle", says Elena Tecuță, Office Leasing Manager at Forte Partners.


Opened at the end of last year following a €1.1million investment, AveForchetta - Italian Neo-Bistro has already become a popular gastronomic destination with around 18,000 guests a month.



AveForchetta is a mainstream but contemporary neo-bistro, an urban, unconventional, sometimes experimental, relaxed, sustainability-based social culinary hot-spot. There area few key words that encapsulate this dogma: unconventional, non-traditional, creative cuisine with modern design, where you enjoy a cosmopolitan, convivial and relaxed experience. The menu is short but offers an experience that takes you all over Italy, and the ingredients are carefully chosen and much of it is imported directly from Italy. We put a high value on our team, we constantly invest in selection and training but most importantly in their lifestyle”, describes the concept, in a few words, Ion Tănăsescu, CEO & partner at AveForchetta.


The AveForchetta - Italian Neo-Bistro concept is centered around the DNA of Italian gastronomy, design and lifestyle, blended with modern urban living trends, with generous space and open terrace, ready to offer an authentic Italian dining experience. The design perfectly incorporates the brand's values, managing to convey through the details of its elements a journey around Italy. The combination of materials, textures, architectural lights, natural green plants and furnishings make AveForchetta a place to feel comfortable at any time of the day.

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