Landmark Developers

A unique vision and an unmatched set of talents, capabilities and competencies bring Forte Partners to the forefront of real estate investment and development.


Strategic thinking
Value Creation
Raising equity capital and securing debt financing


Master planning and conceptual design
Detail oriented project development and cost management
General Constructor tendering and monitoring
On time and in budget execution with excellence


Asset acquisition
Due diligence
Land development
Leasing and sales strategy definition and execution
Property & Facility management

Essential Talents & Values

Decades of business experience, personal investment in our projects and a proven track record turn every one of our partners into a leader in their respective fields. More importantly, everyone involved in our company shares the same values of respect, responsibility, trust and fairness.


Ample Projects

We aim to develop quality projects in both the Office and Residential sectors, with emphasis on reshaping, redesigning and revitalizing key zones of Bucharest. 


Successful Exits

We have developed and exited several residential and office projects to both local and international investors at market leading yields.